BULLYPROOF: Unleash The Hero Inside Your Kid


BULLYPROOF: Unleash The Hero Inside Your Kid


Every day, more than 16,000 kids miss school because of bullying. 

45% of kids experience bullying before age 18. 

38% of kids believe that their school doesn't take bullying seriously. 

It's time for a change. 

BULLYPROOF brings together leaders from numerous countries, backgrounds, and industries who have a common purpose: to effect change in society by empowering children and teens to be bullyproof. 

With "anti-bully" programs currently being implemented in schools having only limited success, these experts bring their own perspectives on how to empower a young person to unleash the hero inside of them. 

The experts in Volume 1 of Bullyproof: Unleash The Hero Inside Your Kid are: 

Alex Changho (editor) 
Michael Cuddyer (editor) 
Troy Auman
Amit Bhargava
Juan Colon
Oshen Duncan
Jo Fuller
Scott Hertzig
Richard Hill
Veenu Keller
Erin Lauraine
Brett Lechtenberg
John Nottingham

*This is the paperback copy.  Limited copies are available.

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